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Unlock Your Productivity Potential with Time Tracker

Ever wondered where your day goes? In today's digital age, it's easy to get lost in a sea of tabs and apps, losing track of how you spend your precious time. Whether you're a professional looking to optimise your workday, a student aiming to balance study and leisure, or anyone in between striving for a more productive lifestyle, Time Tracker is here to illuminate your time management path.

Why Time Tracker?

Time Tracker isn't just an app; it's your personal productivity assistant that offers a clear window into how you spend your time across different activities and digital platforms. But that's not all – with Time Tracker, your data stays safely stored on your device, not in the cloud. Enjoy complete privacy and peace of mind knowing your information is secure and accessible only to you.

With Time Tracker, you can:

  1. Automatically Track App Usage: Discover exactly how much time you spend on each app without lifting a finger.
  2. Categorise Your Digital Life: Assign specific activities to your app usage, whether it's work, learning, or leisure, for a detailed insight into your habits.
  3. Monitor Web Browsing with Ease: Seamlessly track the pages you visit on Safari, Google Chrome, and Brave, and understand your browsing patterns.
  4. Customise Your Categories: From personal finance to health and social activities, categorise your time to reflect your lifestyle, with the option to create custom categories.
  5. Full Control Over Your Data: Easily delete any or all tracked events, ensuring your privacy and control over your information. Your data is stored locally, offering an extra layer of security.
  6. Start/Stop Tracking on Demand: Gain flexibility by choosing when to track your activities, offering you freedom and precision.
  7. Filter by Dates: Look back on your activity based on specific dates to analyze your productivity over time.
  8. Visual Insights: A picture is worth a thousand words—visualize your time spent with intuitive pie charts for quick and easy analysis.
  9. Manage Activities Effortlessly: Tailor Time Tracker to your life by managing how activities are associated with apps and web pages.

Transform How You Spend Your Time

With Time Tracker, take the first step towards reclaiming your day and understanding your digital habits like never before. Dive into a world of insightful data, and make every second count with Time Tracker, all while enjoying the utmost privacy and security of local data storage. Ready to unlock your productivity potential?

Certainly! Here's a simplified and slightly expanded version of your FAQ section, designed to be user-friendly and cover a few additional common questions:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I install the Time Tracker app?

Just double-click on the TimeTracker.app file, and you're all set!

What permissions are required?

The first time you use the app with your web browsers, you'll get a prompt asking for permission to monitor browser events. This allows the app to track your time spent on different websites accurately.

Where is my data stored?

All your data stays right on your laptop, safe and sound. We don't store anything in the cloud, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Does the app use any external APIs?

Yes, but just one! The app checks for updates by making a call to see if a new version is available. That's it – no other external calls are made.

How can I stop the app from tracking my browser activity?

Easy! Go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Automation. Find TimeTracker in the list and toggle the button to turn off event listening.

What browsers are supported?

Time Tracker currently supports Safari, Google Chrome, and Brave. This allows for a broad range of web activity tracking.

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